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Target-oriented Study Method- preparation for professional examination

Education is for student’s learning. Building concepts is a part of it. In today’s era emphasis is not only on knowledge but also skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness. Alterations in curriculum and examinations to improve the standards and professionalism have been seen in recent times. The preparation for these should well aligned with the goals. To set a target and to ensure to achieve it by the end of day is an effective method to get the desired results. This method of learning is known as The target oriented study method which has proven to be an additive advantage for student’s benefit. The talk for today by our esteemed and renowned guest Dr. Yogesh Sontakke, (Add. Professor, department of anatomy JIPMR, Puducherry) will provide a guideline to the students to better prepare & perform in their examination. This will help to correlate the theoretical knowledge with practical aspects in the case based scenario. It will also be beneficial for the students to enhance their clinical practice. This method of studying creates an effective learning environment & improves memorization to perform better in their assessment. It acts like a tool to bring self-discipline and consistency in studies with an orientation towards professional examinations. It helps the students in facing the challenges and making them a good learner, organizer and an achiever of their goals.

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