You are currently viewing SGTeAnatCON-2023 on “Significance of Applied Anatomy inCBME”.

SGTeAnatCON-2023 on “Significance of Applied Anatomy inCBME”.

The Department of Anatomy Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences SGT University organized the first virtual annual anatomy conference

SGTeAnatCON-2023 on 5th and 6th April 2023

GMER-2019 laid the foundation of Competency Based Medical education introducing an integrated and skill oriented curriculum. There is a paradigm shift from theoretical to application based syllabus with a sole intent to create competent Indian Medical Graduate. In the contemporary medical practice it becomes imperative that the cognitive knowledge gained in basic sciences can be applied in clinics. Early clinical exposure forms the fundament for clinical practice, especially in Surgery and its allied branches eg neuroanatomy forms the basis of neurosurgery etc.

There are several branches in Anatomy and each has its own specific contribution in the field of medicine.   The applied aspects of each subdivision of anatomy forms the keystone to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in respective clinical cases and hence the genesis of our theme “Significance of Applied Anatomy in CBME.”

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