MBBS Ophthalmology Syllabus



  1. Anatomy & Development of Eye
  2. Physiology of Eye & Vision
  3. Elementary & Physiological Optics
  4. Errors of Refraction
  5. Diseases of Conjunctiva
  6. Diseases of Cornea
  7. Diseases of Sclera
  8. Diseases of Uveal Tract
  9. Diseases of Lens
  • Glaucoma
  • Diseases of Vitreous
  • Diseases of Retina
  • Neuro- ophthalmology
  • Disorders of Ocular Motility
  • Disorders of Eyelids
  • Diseases of Lacrimal Apparatus
  • Diseases of Orbit
  • Ocular Injuries
  • Ocular Pharmacology
  • Lasers & Cryotherapy in Ophthalmology
  • Systemic Ophthalmology
  • Community Ophthalmology
  • Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology
  • Clinical Ophthalmic Cases
  • Dark Room Procedures
  • Ophthalmic Instruments & Operative Ophthalmology


Theory -100 Hrs

Clinical -12 weeks






Realize the role  of eye & importance of various eye diseases for a Primary Care Physician Broad based information regarding the Eye & its diseases . Student Interactive Session (PPP)
2 Anatomy – Eyeball, Orbit & Extra ocular Muscles Awareness of anatomy & Role of Orbit, eyeball. &  Eye Muscles Layers of Eye ball, Nerve supply &  actions of Extra ocular muscles Student Interactive Session (PPP)
3 Anatomy & Physiology – Cornea Know about Structure, Functions, Transparency & Metabolism of Cornea Layers of Cornea & Factors for Corneal Transparency Student Interactive Session (PPP)
4 Anatomy & Physiology – Sclera & Uvea Learn about  the Structure & Functions of Uveal tract Layers of Sclera & Parts & Structure & Role of Uveal Tract Student Interactive Session (PPP)
5 Anatomy & Physiology – Lens Understand the Structure of Lens, its Transparency & Metabolism Parts of Lens , Factors for Transparency Student Interactive Session (PPP)
6 Anatomy & Physiology – Angle of Ant Chamber Knowledge of Structure forming the  Angle of Ant Chamber , Learn about the production & Drainage of Aqueous Humour Various angle structures. Mechanism of Aq production &   Drainage. IOP & factors controlling it Student Interactive Session (PPP)
7 Anatomy & Physiology – Retina &Visual Pathway Understand the Structure of Retina, Parts of Visual tract, Processing & Transmission of Visual impulse,  Visual Perception & Colour Vision


Layers of Retina, Various components of visual Tract & their role.

Theories & Tests of Colour vison

Student Interactive Session (PPP)
8 Optics & Refraction Awareness of Light, Geometrical Optics, Know about the Optics of Eye Light spectrum, Refraction of light, Lenses, Reduced Eye, Sturm’s Conoid, Optical Aberrations Student Interactive Session (PPP)
9 Errors of Refraction Understanding Hypermetropia, Aphakia, Presbyopia,  Astigmatism, Myopia , Refractive Surgery Cause, Types, Cl Features & Treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)



10 Diseases of Conjunctiva Diagnose & Treat Infective & Allergic conjunctivitis, Trachoma, VKC Pterygium , Pingecula, Concretions Etiology , Cl features, & Management Student Interactive Session (PPP)
11 Diseases of Cornea Diagnose & Manage Bacterial, Fungal & Viral Keratitis Keratoconus, Corneal Opacity & Corneal Surgery Etiology , Pathology  Cl features, Management , Complications, Corneal Surgery, Student Interactive Session (PPP)




12 Diseases of Sclera Knowledge of Scleritis, Episcleritis & Staphyloma Etiology , Cl features, & Management Student Interactive Session (PPP)
13 Diseases of Uveal Tract Diagnose & Treat Iridocyclitis,

Knowledge of Choroiditis, Endophthalmitis, Choroidal Melanoma

Classification, Etiology , Cl features, Complications & Management Student Interactive Session (PPP)



14 Diseases of Lens Detailed Knowledge of Congenital & Acquired Cataract Etiology , Types, Cl features, Work up & Surgical Techniques Student Interactive Session (PPP)



15 Glaucoma Comprehensive view of Congenital , Closed & Open Angle Glaucoma, Secondary Glaucoma Etiology , Pathology,  Cl features, Investigations & Treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)



16 Diseases of Vitreous Awareness of Vitreous floaters & Hge Causes & Management Student Interactive Session (PPP)
17 Diseases of Retina Learn about CRVO, CRAO, ARMD, Diabetic & hypertensive Retinopathy, CME, Retinal Detachment, Retinoblastoma, Etiology , Pathology,  Cl features, Investigations & Treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)




18 Neuro Ophthalmology Overview of Lesions of Visual Pathway, Optic Neuritis, Optic Atrophy, Papilloedema Etiopathogenesis, Cl Features Diagnosis & treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)
19 Disorders Of Ocular Motility Understand BSV, Different Positions of Gaze & Ocular Movements Phorias & Tropias Nystagmus Types, Causes, Evaluation  Diagnosis & Management of Squints Student Interactive Session (PPP)



20 Diseases of Eyelids Ability to Diagnose & Treat Blepharitis, Stye, Chalazion, Entropion , Ectropion, Ptosis Etiology , Types, Cl features, Diagnosis Treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)
21 Diseases of Lacrimal Apparatus Diagnose & treatment of Dry Eye, Watering Eye, Dacryocystitis – Congenital, Acute & Chronic Evaluation of Dry & Watering Eye Signs Symptoms &  Treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)
22 Diseases of Orbit  Learn how to evaluate Proptosis,

Know about causes & treatment of Orbital Cellulitis, CST

Causes , Effects Work up of Proptosis, Cl Features & Treatment of Infections Student Interactive Session (PPP)
23 Ocular Injuries Learn how to deal with Mechanical ,Chemical & Other Eye Injury, Knowledge of Sympathatic Ophthalmia Types of Injuries Causes & Management Student Interactive Session (PPP)
24 Systemic Ophthalmology Realize the importance of Xerophthalmia, Effects of Diabetes on Eye Cl features, Diagnosis Treatment Student Interactive Session (PPP)
25 Ocular Therapeutics Comprehensive knowledge of Anti Glaucoma, Mydriatic Cycloplegics, Antibiotic, Antifungal & Antivirals, Steroids & NSAIDs, Irrigating Solutions & Viscoelastics, Lasers & Cryotherapy Dosage, Mode of Action , Side Effects & Contraindications Student Interactive Session (PPP)





26 Community Ophthalmology Realize the magnitude & problem of Blindness in the World & India.  Knowledge of NPCB, Vision 2020, DBCS, Eye Camps & Eye Banks Various Defintions of Blindness

Details of Various progs to control blindness, Organization of Eye camps & Eye Bank

Student Interactive Session (PPP)




27 Embryology of Eye Comprehensive knowledge of Development of Eye & its Parts Optic Vesicle, Stalk  & Cup.

Development of Retina, Optic Nerve,  Lens & other  Structures

Student Interactive Session (PPP)
28 Lenses Ability to make out type of lens & its use Features of various lenses & their  use Tutorial
29 Pterygium / Pingecula Ability to diagnose & treat Diagnose & Differentiate the 2 diseases Tutorial
30 Corneal Ulcer Learn to find cause of  ulcer & start treatment Management of Ulcer Tutorial
31 Senile Cataract Work up of a Case of Cataract Cataract Evaluation Tutorial
32 Stye / Chalazion Ability to Differentiate the two conditions Etiology & Cl Features Tutorial
33 Entropion / Ectropion Diagnose & Treat the condition Etiology & Cl Features Tutorial
34 Watering eye Evaluate a Watering Eye Causes & Inv of a watering Eye Tutorial
35 Visual Fields Understand the importance of Visual field & Various methods of Field Charting Normal field & types of Perimetry Tutorial
36 Field & Disc changes in Glaucoma To recognize various field defects in glaucoma How glaucoma effects the Optic Disc & Fields Tutorial
37 Diabetic Retinopathy Manifestations Tutorial
38 Red Eye Ability to come to a diagnosis of a Red Eye & its treatment D/D of Red Eye Tutorial
39 Cataract Surgery Different surgeries ECCE, SICS & Phaco Tutorial
40 IOLs Types of IOLs Tutorial
41 Lasers in Ophthalmology Overview Types of Lasers & their role Tutorial
42 Eye Banking Overview Formation & Role of Eye Bank Tutorial

Course Syllabus

S.No. Topic Time as per MCI Domain



1 Hr
2. Anatomy – Eyeball, Orbit & Extra ocular Muscles 1 Hr Must know
3. Anatomy & Physiology – Cornea 1Hr Nice to Know
4. Anatomy & Physiology – Sclera & Uvea 1 Hr Must Know
5. Anatomy & Physiology – Lens 1 Hr Must Know
6. Anatomy & Physiology – Angle of Ant Chamber 1Hr Must Know
7. Anatomy & Physiology – Retina &Visual Pathway 2 Hrs Desirable to Know
8. Optics & Refraction 2 Hrs Must Know
9. Errors of Refraction 4Hrs Must Know


Diseases of Conjunctiva 3 Hrs Must Know
11. Diseases of Cornea 4 Hrs


Desirable to Know
12. Diseases of Sclera 2 Hr Must Know
13. Diseases of Uveal Tract 4 Hrs Must Know
14. Diseases of Lens 4 Hrs Must Know
15. Glaucoma 4 Hrs Desirable to Know
16. Diseases of Vitreous 1 Hr Desirable to Know
17. Diseases of Retina 4 Hrs Desirable to Know
18. Neuro Ophthalmology 4 Hrs Desirable to Know
19. Disorders Of Ocular Motility 4Hrs Must Know
20. Diseases of Eyelids 2 Hrs Must Know
21. Diseases of Lacrimal Apparatus 3 Hrs Desirable to Know
22. Diseases of Orbit 2 Hrs Desirable to Know
23. Ocular Injuries 2 Hrs Desirable to Know
24. Systemic Ophthalmology 2 Hr Desirable to Know
25. Ocular Therapeutics 2 Hr Must Know
26. Community Ophthalmology 4Hrs Nice to Know
27. Embryology of Eye 2 Hrs Must Know
28. Lenses 1 Hr Must know
29. Pterygium / Pingecula 1 Hr Nice to Know
30. Corneal Ulcer 1 Hr Must Know
31. Senile Cataract 1 Hr Must Know
32. Stye / Chalazion 1Hr Must Know
33. Entropion / Ectropion 1 Hr Desirable to Know
34. Watering eye 1 Hr Must Know
35. Visual Fields 1 Hr Must Know
36. Field & Disc changes in Glaucoma 1 Hr Must Know
37. Diabetic Retinopathy 1 Hr Desirable to Know
38. Red Eye 1 Hr Must Know
39. Cataract Surgery 1 Hr Must Know
40. IOLs 1 Hr Must Know
41. Lasers in Ophthalmology 1 Hr Desirable to Know
42. Eye Banking 1 Hr Desirable to Know
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