MBBS Anatomy Curriculum

SN Topic Learning objective
(At the end of the session the student should be able to )
Teaching guideline Methodology theory
1 Introduction to Anatomy To reproduce Anatomical subdivisions and history of anatomy To cover Different subdivisions and sections of anatomy Student Interactive Session (SIS) 2
2 Anatomical terminology To explain the position of the body; Anatomical planes; term in Gross Anatomy; Terms used in Embryology; Terms related to limbs, hollow organs, and solid organs; Terms used for indicating the side, and describing the muscle & movements To cover the anatomical terms & planes as a whole Student Interactive Session (SIS)
2 2
3 Cells & tissues To reproduce  Classification, structure, To cover the types of tissues with the examples & function Student Interactive Session (SIS)
Histo practical
1 1
4 Skin & fascia  To reproduce Introduction, Structure and functions
Superficial Fascia:  Distribution of fat, functions.
Deep Fascia: Features, modifications, functions.
To cover  general features of fascia Student Interactive Session (SIS) 1 1
5 Bones To reproduce Definition, Distribution and functions of bone; Blood supply of long bone, Cartilage – Definition, types, structure, distribution, nutrition. To cover the general features of bones with applied anatomy Student Interactive Session (SIS)
2 3
6 Joints  To explain Classification of synovial joints, according to the shape, axes of movement and morphology, Simple, Compound and Complex joints, Blood supply & nerve supply. To cover general features of joints Student Interactive Session (SIS)
1 1
7 Muscular system To reproduce Definition, types, origin, Insertion, morphological classification,Actions of muscles,nerve supply,Functional classification, Prime movers, Fixators, Antagonists, Synergists To cover general features of muscles Student Interactive Session (SIS) 1 2
8 CVS To expl;ain Arteries : Muscular, Elastic; Arterioles; Capillaries : Sinusoids, Veins – Anastomosis : End arterial; Vasa vasorum, nerve supply of blood vessels To cover gross anatomy of vessels Student Interactive Session (SIS) 1 1
9 Lymphatic system To explain Lymph vessels, Central lymphoid tissue, Peripheral lymphoid organs, Circulating lymphocytes -T and B lymphocytes To cover general features of lymphatic system Student Interactive Session (SIS) 1 2
10 Nervous system  

To reproduce Classification of nervous system  ,  structure of spinal nerve, Cell in the nervous system

General features of nervous system Student Interactive Session (SIS) 1 2
11 Genetics To explain Chromosomes, genes, laws of inheretence, chromosomal aberrations , Downs , Turners , Kleinfilter syndromes , prenatal diagnosis. To cover law of inheritance, structure of chromosomes , mutation, genetic disorders. Student Interactive Session (SIS) 3 1

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