International Childhood Cancer Day on the 15th of February 2022

International Childhood Cancer Day on the 15th of February 2022

The Department of Pediatrics & Department of Pediatric nursing, SGT University are celebrating International childhood cancer Day (ICCD), today on 15th February 2022.  ICCD is celebrated worldwide on this day, every year. It’s an awareness drive about the childhood cancer. We want to send the message that Childhood cancer is curable. Early diagnosis, early treatment at right place by a right doctor are the way to success. The target audience is medical and paramedical staff, and the general public visiting the hospital. Cancer patients on follow up and those admitted in the hospital shall also be participating.

International childhood cancer day was first observed in 2002. It was introduced by childhood cancer International involving more than 170 organizations.

The theme for the year 2022 is ‘Better Survival’ is achievable through your hands. The theme is particularly focused on the efforts made by the medical and paramedical teams serving the lives of these children. From giving drugs to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment and further giving love and affection to these children is all under the hands of the serving team.

ICCD celebration is aimed to raise awareness about Cancer, and encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment.

The survival of these children depends not only on timely treatment but also on psycho-social and emotional support. Keeping them cheerful and pain-free helps to decrease morbidity and increase the morale of the patients. The affectionate care we provide encourages them to go

through these difficult times. Proper physical care, maintaining cannula site, adequate feeding, and wound care are all core areas to improve survival.

The day is marked to bring awareness about the ailments noted in those suffering or are the survivors of cancer. The day is also marked to show our support and solidarity towards these patients and their families.  The target goal of WHO is to eliminate all pain and suffering of children fighting cancer & achieve at least 60 % survival for all children diagnosed with cancer around the world by 2030. At the mark of the 20th year of celebrating this day, our continuous efforts both in terms of specific and supportive care in a safe, healthy, and clean environment can help us reach our target goal.

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