Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

The department of Pharmacology at SGT University headed by Dr. (Prof) V. Kapoor, is at the forefront of teaching the principles & art of medical pharmacology to the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Department of Pharmacology was established in the year 2010 along with the beginning of SGT Medical College. The Department is well equipped with all amenities, experienced faculty & supporting staff.

Vision of  the department is to provide up-to-date and holistic theoretical and practical training for MBBS, MD (Pharmacology), M.Sc. (Medical Pharmacology) and PhD students to carry out front line research in all disciplines of Pharmacology and to train the students, academicians & teachers in the discipline.

Department of  Pharmacology is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of Computer lab, Research laboratory, Pharmacy & Experimental lab, Museum and Animal House.

Department of  Pharmacology is designated as an Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC), Pharmacovigilance Programme of  India (PvPI) under Government of India.

The Department of Pharmacology has a computer lab, which is well equipped with 15 computers having animal simulation software installed and one Mannequin lab, which is equipped with 15 mannequins to give hands on training to students in basic clinical procedures.

The Department of  Pharmacology has an Animal house for carrying out experiments on animals and proper established research lab for doing research. There is facility for computer assisted learning for minimizing experimental animal usage,

The Department also offers excellent opportunities for research involving Indoor & Outdoor patients in SGT Hospital. Many PhD students are enrolled with the department of Pharmacology and doing their research work.

The Department is having Departmental Library which has all the standard books with latest editions and all reputed National and International journals with the facility of audiovisual aids.

All the laboratories, museum, research lab and demonstration rooms are equipped with audiovisual facilities.


  1. (Prof) V K Kapoor
  2. Poonam Salwan (Associate Prof.)
  3. Meghna Pandey (Associate Prof.)
  4. Kapil Hazarika (Associate Prof.)
  5. Shweta Sharma (Assistant Prof.)
  6. Heenu Dhar (Assistant Prof.)
  7. Angelika Batta (Assistant Prof.)


  1. Teaching for MBBS, MD, M.Sc, Ph.D, BDS & Allied Health Sciences
Seminar Once a week; 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Journal Club Once a week; 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Student interactive session Once a week; 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Major Departmental Activities in the year 2018-20


  1. Workshop on “Medicine Safety and Pharmacovigilance” in collaboration with Pharmacovigilance Program of India & Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, Govt. of India on 16th January, 2019.
  2. CME on “New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules” 2019 on 13th Feb, 2020.

Guest Lectures:

  1. Pharmacovigilance awareness among Clinicians on 30th April, 2018.
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