Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics

The department of Pediatrics at SGT University headed by Dr. Pankaj Abrol is at the forefront of teaching the principles & art of pediatrics to the undergraduates and postgraduate students.


The department is providing regular OPD services, IPD, emergency & Pediatrics and critical care services, newborn care & Immunization services.


The Department runs OPD 6 days a week divided between 3 units headed by eminent faculty. OPD services include specialty clinics like Pediatric nephrology, Pediatric asthma & chest, Pediatric neurology & rehabilitation, Thalassemia, Pediatric hematology oncology, Pediatric gastroenterology & diarrhea, Neonatology (including high risk newborn & well baby clinics), Pediatric cardiology, Pediatric endocrinology, Child guidance clinic and Immunization.


We are also providing weekly rural and urban health services to patients at RHTC and UHTC respectively.




Location Timing
Ground Floor (G-17) 09:00 AM – 04:00 PM



Name of Faculty


  1. Pankaj Abrol
  2. Anita Sharma
  3. Shashi Sharma
  4. Satya Kiran Kapur
  5. Bishnupriya Sahoo
  6. Richa
  7. Daksh Yadav






  1. Pankaj Abrol (Paed. Haematology Oncology)
  2. Anita Sharma (Child Neurology)








Unit – I Mon, Thu 09:00AM – 04:00 PM
Unit- II Tues, Fri 09:00AM – 04:00 PM
Unit – III Wed, Sat 09:00AM – 04:00 PM

*Emergency Services



Subspecialty clinics being run by the department


S.No. Name of the Clinic Days on which held Timings Name of  Clinic In-charge
1 Paed. Nephrology Monday 2-4 PM Dr. Richa
2 Paed. Asthma & Chest Monday 2-4 PM Dr. Satya Kiran Kapur
3 Paed.Neurology & Rehabilitation Tuesday 2-4 PM Dr. Anita Sharma
4 Thalassemia Wednesday 2-4 PM Dr. Pankaj Abrol
5 Paed. Haematology Oncology Wednesday 2-4 PM Dr. Pankaj Abrol
6 Paed.Gastroenteritis(Diarrhoea)


Thursday 2-4 PM Dr. Shashi Sharma
7 Neonatology

High Risk Newborn


Well Baby Clinic








2-4 PM

2-4 PM




2-4 PM




Dr. Daksh Yadav




Dr. B.P.Sahoo

8 Paed. Cardiology Friday 2-4 PM Dr. Richa
9 Paed. Endocrine Friday 2-4 PM Dr Daksh Yadav
10 Child Guidance Clinic Saturday 2-4 PM Dr. Satya Kiran Kapur
11 Immunization Daily 9- 4 PM Dr. Bishnupriya Sahoo




General Ward              : 90 Beds

PICU                           : 07

NICU                          : 12


PICU Services           : All Pediatric critical care services are provided including ventilator support, CPAP, Defibrillator


NICU Services           : All Neonatal critical care services including phototherapy, exchange transfusion, Ventilator, CPAP, central line catheterization, umbilical catheterization & PICC Line insertion.


Undergraduate teaching activities in the form of lecture, tutorial, bedside clinics are being carried out. During COVID-19 pandemic We are continuing our academic activities through e learning process.


Post Graduates

2nd Year

  1. Aman Arora
  2. Priyanka Kadian
  3. Sakshee Madan
  4. Shiana Aggarwal


1st Year


  1. Parveen Gulia
  2. Bharti Yadav
  3. Lakshay Rana
  4. Sanasam Manimukta Singh



Daily Departmental Activites

S. No Name of the Meeting Day Time
1 Seminar Monday 02:15 pm on wards
2 Statistical/Census meeting

Mortality meeting

Tuesday 02:15 pm on wards
3 Journal Club Wednesday 02:15 pm on wards
4 Thesis Review of All Post Graduates 1st & 3rd Thursday 02:15 pm on wards
5 Case Discussion Friday 02:15 pm on wards

Research Activities: Review of all students & faculties every 3 monthly


Major Departmental Activities (Workshop/CME/Guest Lectures/Webinar etc.)


  • Synergy 2018 & 2019
  • Chest Research Foundation Webinar on Bronchial Asthma held on 4th June 2019
  • Thalassemia CME cum camp on 13th July 2019
  • 32nd IAP Quiz for UG students on 20th July 2019
  • 9th IAP Quiz for PG students on 24th July 2019
  • Children’s day celebration
  • CME ‘PEDIATRICS 2020’ under Haryana IAP on 22nd February 2020

Health Camp organized by SGT in various areas across Haryana.

Admissions Open