Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology


Forensic Medicine is medical speciality which deals with the application of medical knowledge in administration of justice. A Forensic expert deal with crime scene investigation, post mortem work and medico-legal cases like examination of rape victim and rape accused, examination for issue of drunkenness and injury certificates, examination of person and evidence for age estimation etc. In course of work a forensic expert is also involved in expert opinions and court evidences. The Department works closely with the Police & Magistrates in various Medico Legal Cases and is also involved in training doctors on the medico legal cases.

About Department

The Department of Forensic Medicine is currently providing training in subject specialty of Forensic Medicine to Postgraduates and Undergraduate students of III, IV and V semesters of II MBBS degree classes. It is also engaged in performing medico-legal duties like postmortem examinations and medico-legal examinations.


The department has modern amenities with well-planned and furnished faculty rooms and office, equipped with computers for the faculty members and Wi-Fi internet facility, non-teaching staff rooms, full time operational staff library and a huge student laboratory, a spacious demo room and seminar room with LCD projectors and audio-visual systems which can comfortably seat about 100 students each. It has a well organized museum filled with models, specimen, weapons & photographs to help students develop interest in this subject. For postgraduate training, the department has ultramodern research lab equipped with equipments & instruments dealing with Forensic Anthropometry, Forensic Serology, Histopathology etc.

Medico-legal work

The department is permitted to perform postmortem examination by the Govt of Haryana. It provides a service to society by performing medico-legal autopsy services, in a well-equipped and maintained separate mortuary block, complete with modern equipment and facilities in the Campus of SGT University. The autopsy can be witnessed by the students from a gallery in the autopsy room. The mortuary is state of art with facility to conduct 2 autopsies simultaneously. Mortuary has facility to preserve 2 bodies in cold storage in medico-legal cases. The department is also equipped with facilities and manpower to conduct post mortems on the spot in required.


Department conducts regular undergraduate seminars. Research is in the form of postgraduate theses works and related researches. Faculties of the department have been regularly invited to deliver guest lectures in various forums for interns, medical officers, private practitioners and police officers. The department has hosted a National Conference of ICFMT (14th Annual) in 2015.

Services Provided

  1. Mortuary
  2. Post-mortem examination
  3. Skeletal remain examination
  1. Department of forensic medicine
  2. Expert opinion in jurisdictional medico-legal cases
  3. Expert opinion on medico-legal reports
  4. Age estimation
  5. Drunkenness examination
  6. Rape victim/accused examination
  7. Weapon examination & expert opinion
  1. Emergency/ casualty department
  2. MLR preparation on call from emergency
  3. Expert opinion in medico-legal cases admitted in emergency/hospital
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