Department of Biochemistry

Department of Biochemistry is at the heart of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and provides a feather to the medical college by offering tremendous potential in teaching, research in basic as well as applied sciences. Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2009 with the inception of this medical college with prime objective of generating quality grade future medical professionals who can enrich the national health systems of the country to the highest standard by their innate knowledge and thought-provoking research on unsolved areas in the field of health. This will provide opportunities for career development for the students and staff alike. We have a number of experienced, student friendly and meritorious faculties of highest repute who forms the strong backbone of the department. The Department integrates innovative teaching methods and motivates the students to focus more and more on brain storming activities through Problem Based Learning which helps the students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. The Department has strong determination to be a center of excellence in teaching and bio-medical research (basic, applied and diagnostic) of international standards.  Department offers various undergraduate (MBBS) and postgraduate programmes (MD, PhD and MSc Medical Biochemistry) to generate doctors and scientists of national and international excellence. Students are encouraged in research activities by helping them to apply for research projects in various funding organizations such as ICMR and DST. Faculty members have number of publications in various National and International journals. All the faculty members are keenly involved in research in various fields such as metabolism, trace elements, lipidology, cancer, Genetics and Immunochemistry.

The department has state of the art UG Laboratory, PG laboratory along with clinical biochemistry laboratory that is a part of central laboratory services of SGT hospital associated with FMHS and involved in accurate and time bound analysis of various samples of OPD and IPD patients which help in effective patient care. Clinical Biochemistry laboratory focuses on attainment of quality service with a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program which includes both Internal Quality Control and External Quality control by participating in External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) managed by CMC Vellore.

Facilities available in the Department of Biochemistry

Our commitment to excellence has its foundation in the innovative course structure backed up with well-equipped laboratories and experienced and motivated faculty. Department of Biochemistry which established in 2009 has state of the art infrastructure including well equipped student lab that can accommodate 90 students at a time, a PG research lab for the postgraduates, two demonstration halls that can accommodate 90 students each, departmental library fully equipped with 112 textbooks and national and international journals in Biochemistry and museum houses many models and posters on various aspects of Biochemistry. Demonstration rooms are well furnished and equipped with latest teaching aids such OHP, overhead projector and LCD with computers. The most importance resource of any department is human resource and we have a very strong unit of well qualified, dedicated, well experienced and passionate faculty members who are committed to inspire the students to achieve nothing short of excellence in academics, research and laboratory care. Department is equipped with latest instruments and equipment such as HPLC, Gel doc, -80oC freezers, double beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, ELISA scan & reader, electrophoresis (horizontal and vertical), PCR, semi auto-analyzer, fume hoods, pH meters, and chromatographic apparatus.

Clinical Biochemistry laboratory in the SGT Hospital attached to FMHS is responsible for providing (round the clock) quality and timely reports for the various investigations sent from OPD and IPD departments of SGT hospital for effective patient care. The vision of our clinical laboratory is to provide leadership in clinical biochemistry and its application to patient care. We aim to achieve high reliability and efficiency in all the procedures including patient identification, specimen collection, assaying and reporting as well as follow up. For achieving our goal this laboratory is supervised by experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate faculties on rotation basis and we have qualified and motivated team of technical staff. Laboratory is well equipped with latest state of art technology, to perform not only the routine biochemical test for patients care but also a wide variety of specialized investigations, such as tumour markers, electrophoresis, diabetic profile, lipid profile, liver profile, renal profile, thyroid profile, infertility profile, cardiac profile and many more. We have 3 fully automated Biochemistry analyzers (Mindray BS 300, Transasia EM 200, Transasia EM 375), one latest CLIA (Maglumi 1000), ISE Electrolyte analyzers:Na, (Easylyte plus, Acculyte-I), lithium analyzers (Easylyte plus), Chem-7 semi auto-analyzer and RO system for laboratory grade water supply. Our laboratory uses internal quality control (IQC) to detect, reduce and correct deficiencies in the laboratory’s analytical process prior to the release of patient reports. External Quality Assessment (EQA) is used to identify the degree of agreement between our laboratory’s results and with other standard laboratories. We participate continuously in External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) run by CMC Vellore for improvement in our laboratory performance.

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