Department Of Anesthesiology

About Us

Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine devoted to the care of the patient before, during and after surgery. Anaesthesiologists are highly qualified and trained physicians who are also engaged in resuscitation and immediate care of the trauma victims as well as care of the critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit, management of acute and chronic pain. The scope of anaesthesiology also includes respiratory therapy and care of the patients suffering from pain due to terminal malignancy. The department provides regular round the clock anesthesia service for the patients requiring emergency surgery apart from the routine surgery for patients belonging to different surgical specialties. The department also strives for continuous quality improvement, research, teaching, and training for resuscitation and airway management. Regular Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support programmes are conducted from time to time for the in-house medical and nursing staff to keep the knowledge base and skills updated. The department also provides services outside the Operating rooms, like Electro convulsive therapy, emergency response for resuscitation and other outreach services like intubation and mechanical ventilation.

Pre-anesthesia Clinic:

All patients scheduled for any surgical procedure are assessed for the administration of anesthesia with respect to their body reserve and ability to withstand the stress of surgery and anesthesia. Feasibility of the proposed technique of anesthesia risks involved and specific needs due to co-existing medical problems that the patient may be suffering from are also assessed. The procedure is explained to the patients and appropriate instructions are given for fasting and drug administration prior to surgery. During Preanaesthesia Check up (PAC), investigations are perused and need for optimization of the comorbid conditions prior to surgery is assessed.

Operation theaters:

The department has ten operating rooms equipped with anesthesia work stations and facilities for intra-operative monitoring of ECG, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure (invasive and non-invasive), temperature, end-tidal carbon dioxide, and anesthesia gas monitoring. The operation theatres are equipped with devices for management of difficult airways like fiberoptic bronchoscope and various other gadgets.

Intensive Care Unit:

The department provides airway management, respiratory therapy and multi-system life support to various Intensive Care Units run by different departments for the care of critically ill patients.

Pain Clinic:

The department is running Pain Clinic services from 2 to 4 pm every day for the treatment of pain of acute, chronic and neuropathic nature besides terminal malignancy. Facilities and expertise for interventional procedures is available in the department.