Department of Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy is the backbone of medical teaching. The departmentĀ  established in 2010 is well equipped with all amenities, experienced faculty & supporting staff. The subject of Anatomy is fundamental for understanding other disciplines of medicine. Knowledge of clinical Anatomy/surgical Anatomy/ neuroanatomy/embryology is essential for understanding the etiology of various disease conditions, to diagnose & manage these conditions & subsequent operative procedures.
The department trains the students in all branches of Human Anatomy using traditional and innovative methods. The postgraduate qualified faculty is trained in teaching andĀ  evaluating students. The well-equipped research facility is utilized for research in histology, embryology, gross anatomy.
The facilities meet all the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning as per Medical Council of India. All the laboratories that are a museum, histology labs, research lab, and dissection hall are equipped with audiovisual facilities.
The department is well equipped with all the standard books with latest editions and all reputed National and International journals with the facility of audiovisual aids.