Celebrations on the occasion of World Diabetes Day

Celebrations on the occasion of World Diabetes Day

A rally was organized in the SGT campus and village Iqbalpur , to create awareness amongst students, faculty , other staff members and villagers regarding prevention of diabetes. The rally was flagged off by Dean FMHS Dr S C Sharma and Dr M Bhattacharya HOD Community Medicine .
The department of Community Medicine has taken the initiative for screening persons over 60 years in village Iqbalpur for hypertension & blood sugar (Diabetes ) .The 7th semester MBBS Students went house to house with a questionnaire for screening of high risk cases , and referred those with some signs & symptoms of increased blood sugar for blood test ,to the medical camp organized there .
A total of 83 males and females were screened of whom 13 and 24 of whom 10 had diabetes and 24 both diabtetes and hypertension .All were referred to SGT Hospital for further confirmation of diagnosis and to advice suitable treatment .
A Nukkad Natak was performed for the villagers to make them aware about the Prevention & Control of Diabetes.
The students of MBBS and Interns from department of Community Medicine presented the Nukkad Natak .A total 93 villagers and 41 interns ,students and faculty attended the event
Event organized on 13th November 2021
The Dean FMHS Dr S C Sharma and the MS SGT Hospital & Research Institute graced the event.
The Dean Dr S C Sharma inaugurated the Nukkad Natak presented by the interns and 7 th semester MBBS students in front of Block C . He emphasized that steps taken for prevention in the initial stages may prevent life long medication. He stated that lifestyle changes in the initial period prevents start of the drug regime.
The theme of the Natak was prevention & control of Diabetes and the importance of Early Detection. The team highlighted the need for detecting diabetes in adults, during pregnancy and for taking appropriate foot care to avoid Diabetic Foot
Dr Rajiv Sen MS SGT Hospital & Research Institute informed that India was becoming the Diabetic capital of the world and if steps are not taken now the morbidity due to diabetes will increase and effect all. He described the signs and symptoms and the need to recognize and get screened in time.
The event was witnessed by by MBBS students , Faculty from department of Community Medicine and all class four employees of the SGT M edical College Hospital & Research Institute.

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